PHHP Faculty Senators

UF Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the legislative body of the University. It provides a forum for mutual exchange of ideas between senior officers and faculty. In this capacity, the Senate takes cognizance of, and may legislate with respect to matters that concern more than one college, school, or other major academic unit, or that are otherwise of general university interest. The Senate shall make such rules, regulations, and Bylaws as it may deem advisable for the fulfillment of its duties.

Link to UF Faculty Senate:

PHHP Representatives to UF Faculty Senate for 2020-2021

Role and Organization of the UF Faculty Senate

For detailed role, organization, and purpose of  Faculty Senate in university governance, see the UF Constitution. Information below is extracted from the UF Constitution.

Election of PHHP Senate Representatives

Terms are for 3 years. Individuals may serve 2 consecutive terms. Elections are staggered  such that approximately 1/3 of allotted seats are elected each year. Elections are held each year in the spring by secret ballot.


Senate consists of:

  • 150 elected voting members (from academic units)
  • ex officio non-voting members
  • student non-voting members.

The elected voting membership is apportioned equitably among the Academic Units based on a membership of one hundred fifty (150) members. The  Academic Units, which form the basis for representation, are:  IFAS, University Libraries, Florida Museum of Natural History,  and each College except College of Agriculture which is represented by IFAS, and one unit representing all faculty not otherwise represented.

Responsibilities of Senators

Attendance at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Senate during the academic year and “special meetings” of designated subcommittees. Participation in various subcommittees is recommended.  Absence from 3 consecutive meetings constitutes resignation from the Senate.