The Research Committee shall act for the faculty in matters relating to college and University research activities and awards. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordination and/or grant proposal review for specific activities and events, such as the UF Opportunity Fund, the Brooks Research Development Grants, and legislative supported requests.
  • Proposal review of and recommendation for recipients of specific university and college research grants and awards, including the graduate student mini-grants and PHHP Research Day awards.
  • Provision of input on proposed or new PHHP, University and community research opportunities.
  • Periodic assessment of available research opportunities and recommendations for revisions, deletions, and/or additions to current research activities, awards, and policies.


  • Somnath Datta (BIO): Term ends June 2021
  • Yonghee Oh (SLHS): Term ends June 2021
  • Song Liang (EGH): Term ends June 2021
  • Nicole Marlow, Chair (HSRMP): Term ends June 2021
  • Gordon Mitchell¬†(PT): Term ends June 2020
  • Bill Perlstein¬†(CHP): Term ends June 2020
  • Mattia Prosperi¬† (EPI): Term ends June 2021
  • Sandra Winter (OT): Term ends June 2020
  • TBD (Student representative): Term ends June 2021