Tenure and Promotion

The College Tenure and Promotion Committee shall consider all matters relating to faculty promotion and tenure. The duties of this committee shall include the review of all faculty candidates for appointment at the ranks of associate, clinical associate, or research associate professor or higher. It also includes review of appointments with tenure at the rank of associate professor or higher. Only faculty members holding tenure may assess a tenure request. All committee members with a rank higher than the candidate’s current rank may assess a candidate for promotion. After reviewing candidates for tenure and/or promotion, the committee as a whole or its chair shall meet with the Dean to provide the committee’s assessment and recommendations.


Babette Brumback (BIO): Term ends June 2019

Paul Duncan (HSRMP): Term ends June 2019

David Janicke, Chair (CHP): Term ends June 2019

Andres Judge (PT): Term ends June 2020

Andrew Lotto (SLHS): Term ends June 2019

Anthony Maurelli (EGH): Term ends June 2020

Thomas Pearson (EPI): Term ends June 2020

Orit Shechtman (OT): Term ends June 2020